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» » Amalgamated Wonders Of The World - The Gore

Amalgamated Wonders Of The World - The Gore album download

Amalgamated Wonders Of The World - The Gore album download
Performer: Amalgamated Wonders Of The World
Title: The Gore
Genre: Electronic
Style:Special Effects
Released: 2012
MP3 album szie: 1934 mb
FLAC album size: 1122 mb

Amalgamated Press entered the comic magazine market in 1890 with Comic Cuts and Illustrated Chips. It also published serialized story papers (in for example The Thriller magazine) which published stories by Edwy Searles Brooks, among others.

from Temples Ov Thee Twenty Three Pillars by AMALGAMATED WONDERS OF THE WORLD. MURDER GOTH KIDS" (d'une beauté qui dépasse la mort elle - même).

The Seven Wonders of the World (album). The Seven Wonders of the World is a studio album by progressive rock artist and keyboardist Rick Wakeman, released in 1995. The album explores instrumentally the themes of each of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. Each track is introduced by Garfield Morgan, giving a short biography of each wonder before the instrumental track begins.

Amalgaated wonders o the world. This music set its self free when there was no music asked to come. It arrived unannounced, speckled in bespoke glistening dusk air, enchanting till dawns fragrant soft light breaches, and away again on a whisper till calmer pursuits pertain and sanity settles all around. They emerged after the dust settled. They evolved in half light. The uninspired muse, day dreaming, lazy bone, twilight zone eyed waif.

The famous Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was considered a guidebook for the 1st and 2nd Century BCE tourist working their way around the Greek Empire. Unfortunately for modern travelers, those ancient wonders are gone (with the exception of the Pyramids at Giza). So we’ve gotten into the habit of creating new lists of the Seven Wonders of the World. Jeju Island is a volcanic island and province of South Korea that sits to the south of the peninsula, between South Korea and Japan. The World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes is here - it includes the Manjang cave, which with more than 5 miles long is one of the longest lava tunnels in the world. A small part of this cave is open for tourists. via ). Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam is a popular tourist destination thanks to its gorgeous limestone karsts and its floating fishing village.

Five of them are in an area of influence of the ancient Greek empire, two in that of ancient Egypt and the last is in the ancient city of Babylon, now approximately 50 km south of Baghdad, in Iraq. Only one of these seven wonders is still standing today, the pyramid of Cheops, The statue of Zeus, the colossus of Rhodes and the hanging gardens of Babylon have no trace today, so much so that the existence of gardens is debatable and discussed. Maartens van Heelkerck was a Dutch historical painting of the sixteenth century. He is known for making engravings of a series called "The 7 Wonders of the World". If these works are artistically interesting, they are much less from a documentary point of view but still deserve a glance.

Even the ancient historians who saw and compiled the list of wonders couldn't believe the immense beauty of the marble Temple of Artemis, built in 550 BC by a local king. It was set ablaze a few centuries later by a man seeking fame. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Turkey.

All About the Man-made Wonders of the World Earth Science for Kids. Learn more all about the Man-made Wonders of the World with our Simple Science for Kids. Have you ever wished to see the top 10 Man-made Wonders of the World, but not sure where to start or find them? Some of the most amazing things man has created are not only definitely worth a trip to see, but can act as inspiration for you to create the next great thing. These phenomenal structures all started in someone’s imagination. Check them out to see what people, you included, can do if they set their minds to it. The Top 10 Man-made Wonders of the World Facts. Pyramids of Egypt Man-made Wonder in Egypt. The Egyptian Pyramids are huge pyramid shaped structures made of masonry in Egypt.


1 Not Dissimilar 10:38
2 Interruption Of Awareness 08:09
3 Something In The Night 05:57
5-9 "(Various Hidden Tracks X 1-4 / 2-20 Min)" 22:22



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When writing, rehearsing and recording with a band there is considerable down time. During this time self indulgent escapist’s purists are the main stay to keeping sane. There can be so much adrenaline, elation and ecstasy then suddenly nothing, a void that permeates, a cold sweat, like a hangover in the afternoon.It is during this time this music was made.Disbanding into different realms before reconvening for an encore of mass, this is the intervene sound of the down time muse, the pretty one with no direction or goal, abundance of time and only daydreams to mind. These songs happened when all others had gone. They emerged after the dust settled. They evolved in half light. This music set its self free when there was no music asked to come. It arrived unannounced, speckled in bespoke glistening dusk air, enchanting till dawns fragrant soft light breaches, and away again on a whisper till calmer pursuits pertain and sanity settles all around.These in-between days, sometimes mere hours, moments of clarity, focus, indulgence, what may be, it is these fragments that have brought the most joy. Out of all the work we participated in and under took, all the writing rehearsing and recording, this is the prize. This is the one.The uninspired muse, day dreaming, lazy bone, twilight zone eyed waif. She was on my shoulder most evenings, in the room continuously, taking control occasionally, winding it down, turning it low, staring slow. Gentle touch, gossamer. Finger prints on surface instructions, suggestions to stop, just stop, not even to listen, stop and be still.The others have left. The equipment still buzzing, valves cooling crack and gently pop, channels left open hum, effects and pedals recall the day’s work in infinite and distant cosmic spiral waves, the last sounds being sucked from the room off to an eternal resting place just the other side of reality.The vacuum that seeks out and sucks in the last sounds, retains it along with all the other last sounds. All gathered together in a swirling mass of nothingness, calm still deafeningly quiet. All the last sounds, every single one, from the last shrill you made as a baby, to your first orgasmic belch, to the last record at the slow set on the first nights teenage disco party, the tyres on the road just before the crash, the birds in the morning, specifically the one with the geese not too long ago. Every sound fades out of ear shot and continues on its journey, off to the void, the vacuum of sound just the other side of reality filled with aural moments and memories. Bursting. This room in the evening. This room through the night. Similar perhaps, reminisce of bygone noise. There is music included here that is superfluous. Pleasant as it may be it is direct and obvious. I am not excusing it; I am including it for such. The quiet moments seem more quiet as a result and one cannot rely on ambient noise for ambience.The room and the goings on or more specifically the non events are where these pieces of music came. The room was the tool that allowed the music to be created in such a manner. Everything, the dense smell of warmth and life, the prisms’ of light ballet on the overly painted but once ornate architraves. From the old yawning floor boards to the dust particles languishing in sun shafts through the fenêtre, everything counted. The give on soft green leather of Danish 70’s furniture, crisp clank of cottage ware mug of tea on the marble top mantle, crunch of brown weave wicker ring rugs under occasionally sandaled feet, more often than not soles of feet on dry dusty boards, cardigans in the small hours hold extra warmth as they give off gentle fragrance of slow ambered logs from early evening fires. With the calm comes the sounds, you can hear the vegetation outside the window. Stirrings in the distance, possible stirrings in the distance, it is all too far away, there is really just the room.Chateau? Not, chateau of dreams perhaps, this is no more than a gate house, hunters lodge perhaps as we are so far off the road. Closer to the lake. Close to deep in the woods. Access is quite straight forward. Small train station not so far away, not dissimilar to Wemyss Bay. Village in walking distance, cycle anywhere else. Inexpensive full bodied local wine, freshly baked baguettes and hummus to sustain till meal time. Good company, pleasant chats, considered pronouncements, witty retorts, rude jokes and the compulsory meanderings and sustained tangents over dinner spilling into desert and smokes. Throw another log on. The Gore because of the feast of self indulgence. And the lack of any responsibility to anything at all, considered, real or artefact. A blind disregard of everything. Existing. And it was so disregard it was The Gore. We were opulent in our life; we were monarchy and time was our dominion. Bristling with seasonal change, crossing between, soaking it all in, experiencing it all form back out, manifesting into something new, original. This was something that had never existed before, we had never experienced before, and here we were creating it, watching it evolve right in front of us, possibly regardless of us, but it was we who were glimpsing for the first time this sheer feast, and we were more than willing to gore ourselves on every morsel. “We may be the last in the world, but we feel like pioneers.” When morning would come around again on fresh breeze and bird song bringing tea and toast with it and the night before so long ago and the night ahead to far off to even consider, we would have breakfast. As natural and real. Breakfast would start the day. Out of the yard, poke the reminisce of ambers in the heap and off to the room for some clarity and purpose, education and community, fun and frolics, wank and bollox.BD 2012